Creating an effective logo design

As your logo is the representation of your business, it is fundamental to make it stand out above the rest, making it memorable  is essential for your brand recognition. Creating a logo is one part, but when it comes to designing a good logo, there are a few guidelines designers and business owners  should look out for:

Keep it simple & stunning

The old KISS principle also applies here , a clean & neat  logo without too many colours, background swirls and bevels will go a long way.  Focusing on simplicity instead of an overload of elements will help your logo to be catchy and sophisticated.

Impressive & catchy

As already mentioned, a logo should be impressive & catchy, make people recognise and remember your brand immediately. In order to do so, designers should ensure to create a logo that is ..

Functional & adaptable

Make your logo versatile and adaptable to any media it is viewed on , whether this is a fax letterhead, a business card, a car signage , a website/mobile device or any other graphic design product.   Creating a vector based logo and ensuring it looks great on any device is mandatory.  Imagine having a logo which looks fantastic on screen but once faxed, it has turned into a black/white/grey blobb ? Or when printed, the quality of your logo is showing JPG artifacts or an extremely low resolution?


A good logo defies time and needs none or only slight adaptions :  Having to re-design a logo every ten years because of its outdated-ness will also require new brand recognition- Certainly not something a business would like to invest in on a regular basis.

Relevant to the business’ goals?

Does my logo actually properly represent my business’ goals and expertise? What is the business’ target group ?  As your logo should represent your business, it should also be designed for its purpose, ie. the target group it sells too.

This does not imply to add multiple tools to the logo of a car mechanic business but rather should use appropriate colours to clearly differentiate a day care center logo from that of an accountant firm- Again, simplicity & functionality is a key ingredient for your logo.