Advantages of e-Newsletters


Low cost = big return

E-newsletters are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and sending them out on a regular basis builds loyality to your company. After all, your customers have already shown interest in your business by submitting their email address, so why not maintain this relationship?

Moreover, sending e-Newsletters is extremely cost-effective, and with a small investment your business can reach thousands of clients.
Compared to an ordinary newsletter, costs for printing, design ( apart from the initial design) and mailing is only marginal.
The main expense will be incurred by your e-newsletter service provider, i.e. MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and others and once setup as a template, an e-Newsletter can be re-used indefinitely.

But to stand out from the crowd ( and from all the other newsletters your client might receive) it is important to keep the following rules in mind:

Provide useful content

Provide useful tips and ideas on how to use your products, introduce new products and/or link back to your website. This creates value to your communication and will keep your brand alive in your customer’s mind.
Keep short & descriptive subject lines, preferably with localisation ( your customer’s name ) and avoid using sales words –
“Free”, “Help”, “Reminder” don’t trigger sales but rather let your customers ignore your e-newsletter.


As with useful content, consistency in design is also the key to leave a good impression.
The look and feel of your e-newsletter campaign should reflect the look of your other advertising channels (social media, website, printed advertising), therefore setting up a re-usable template is advisable.

Always add a sign out option

There is nothing more annoying than repeatedly receiving e-newsletters you can’t sign out from. Take care when collecting email addresses, and respect customer requests to be removed from mailing lists. Therefore always add a sign out option in your e-Newsletter.


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